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Who we are

At Calgary French Preschool and Kindergarten we are passionate about Montessori education for all. Our flexible schedule and convenient locations reflect our desire to promote all childrens joy of learning and exploration. We believe that by laying a strong foundation for learning through Montessori education children will be empowered when entering Elementary school. 

Maria Montessori and her
positive effects on learning
An Italian innovator, teacher, and physician, Maria Montessori pioneered the educational method which builds on the principles of how children's development can be encouraged and enriched through natural means and methods. Maria opened her first Montessori school in Rome on Jan 6, 1907 called the Casa dei Bambini. Today, there are now thousands of Montessori schools all around the world.
Why Prince William
advocates Montessori
From experiencing Montessori first hand as a child, It's clear that Prince William sees the benefits of the Montessori method as he now sends his own son George to the Westacre Montessori Nursery School in Norfolk.
Why Founders of Google
Recommend Montessori
"We both went to Montessori school, and I think it was part of that training ... of being self-motivated, questioning what’s going on in the world, doing things a little bit different."
— Larry Page, co-founder of Google, Montessori child

Frequently Asked Questions

Our school has two convenient locations to choose from. Our North-East location is just minutes from downtown in the Tuxedo Park community. In the South-West we have a location in beautiful Garrison Woods. 

Our teachers have all been trained in Early Childhood Education with additional training in the Montessori way. 

Contact us to find out exactly how much  for your child based on the services you require. 

The evidence is growing to support the many benefits of a Montessori based education especially for young children. Our students are equipped through Montessori to be independent learners who can think critically and show compassion to others. We choose Montessori because we have seen the evidence and we think you will too.